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Distinctive Displays is as grassroots as it gets with the humblest of beginnings.  Peter Sardis began his career as a window decorator’s apprentice at age 19.  For the next 5 years, living on a shoestring salary and working out of his mother’s garage in Astoria, Queens, the foundation for his success was being laid.

In the 12 years as a sought-after window decorator, he would learn valuable lessons and skills that would enable him to take him on his biggest challenge yet – trade shows.  And it all started by chance…

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Approached while helping another decorator at a show, he was asked by a man to help trim his mannequins as they were short on time and really needed the help. Despite being completely exhausted and on no sleep for the last 36 hours, Peter decided to help the man out. Little did he know that man was the creator of JORDACHE JEANS and that small gesture would propel Peter into the trade show industry. Word quickly spread of a talented decorator who also services trade shows and thus the birth of Distinctive Displays, Inc. in 1977. Multiple accolades and awards would follow as well as established relationships with clients from all over the world.

Today, Distinctive Displays is a family-run business in every sense of the word. Our employees are considered family with most having surpassed 15 years with the company. As a company we pride ourselves on service and quality. We like to think we are “just the right size” in that we are small enough to give our clients personal dedicated service yet big enough to handle any project that comes our way.

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