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Lead Generation From Virtual Trade Shows

Trade shows are all about collecting lead information. Whether it’s filling out paper forms, dishing out business cards, or using badge scanners, lead generation is the core factor in any trade show. It is therefore not surprising that 72% of exhibitors attend shows just to collect leads.

The latest stats indicate that up to 81% of attendees in a trade show have buying authority. This means the majority of attendees not only come to gather insights about what’s new but also come to buy. In essence, the prospects are ready to buy, but all they need is a little persuading from the exhibitor.

However, you need a strong strategy to make the most out of what trade shows have to offer as far as lead generation is concerned. Here, we explore some of the benefits of lead generation from virtual trade shows.

Is lead generation the strongest asset of virtual trade shows?

No doubt, face to face interactions are powerful marketing tools in the world of trade shows. However, virtual trade shows have equally so much potential and they offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses. One of the key assets of virtual trade shows is lead generation. Below are some of the reasons why virtual trade shows are great for lead generation.

Quick Conversions

Virtual trade shows create opportunities for quicker conversions. In any case, your prospect is already in a familiar environment where they are most comfortable. This means they can give you their undivided attention, and you can in turn nurture your leads and convert them into buyers. However, you have to play your cards right to have any chance of turning your prospects into buyers. 

The good news with virtual trade shows when compared with in-person shows is that attendees do not have to move from one booth to the next physically. They don’t have to visit a long list of other exhibitors. This means you have all the time to provide potential customers with a memorable virtual experience through live webinars, live chats, and interactive booths. Ultimately, this will increase your chances of quicker conversions.

Gather Insights From Attendees

Apart from quickly turning prospects into buyers, virtual trade shows offer you an out-of-this-world opportunity to gather insights from every attendee. When an attendee signs up for your trade show, you will be able to gather information about them long before they even engage with your business. You can also gather information about other attendees who do not visit your virtual booth. However, this depends on the show organizer. Be sure to ask the organizer what information will be available before the trade show begins so you can use the provided data for analytical purposes.

Gain In-Depth Info On Leads

In-person trade shows require you to train your staff to gauge interactions and measure the quality of each lead. However, this can be extremely hectic and time-consuming, considering it requires a very good strategy to work effectively. With virtual trade shows, this is no longer the case. Since you have all the information you need at your disposal, you can carry out a thorough analysis of all the leads and use the data to convert prospects into buyers.

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