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Private Meeting Areas at Trade Shows

Setting up a private meeting area in your trade show booth can go a long way to boost your chances of converting your target audience into loyal customers. In any case, these private lounges allow for scheduling flexibility, making it easy for you to discuss insights, negotiate contracts and close deals without having to change locations at a critical part of the conversation.

There are three types of private areas, including open, semi-private and exclusive meeting areas. The type of private meeting area that you should choose for your trade show exhibits largely depends on three factors. These include:

  • The nature of your business
  • The type of discussions you expect
  • The size of your booth

This post explores the merits and demerits of the three types of private areas you should consider for your trade show booth.

Open Meeting Areas

An open meeting area is ideal for exhibitors who have small booth spaces. Even though your options might be limited, you could set up at least two chairs and a table away from the main exhibit to create a private meeting space. 

Ideally, the chairs should circulate the table to create the impression of discussion. This will significantly reduce interruptions during meetings and prevent non-target attendees from mistakenly invading the area.

The only blemish of this arrangement revolves around privacy. Open meeting areas are not as private as you would want them to be. Furthermore, the noise from the main dais can prove to be a huge distraction.

Semi-Private Meeting Areas

Semi-private meeting areas are best suited for medium booth spaces. If you have a medium-sized booth, you can create an enclosure at the back for private meetings and critical conversations.

Besides, most modern trade show booths come with semi-secluded spaces for semi-private meeting areas. This unique design offers a degree of privacy while allowing for partial visibility of the floor. Moreover, your clients will feel secure, as they are able to see what is going on in the other area without necessarily falling for the distractions on the floor.

Most importantly, your semi-secluded enclosure is likely to attract interest from attendees on the floor, and they would be more inclined to visit your booth to find out what they could be missing.

Exclusive Meeting Areas

Trade show exhibitors with large booth spaces have the luxury of creating exclusive private meeting areas. With a large booth, you can essentially combine private and semi-private areas to create VIP boxes for your business discussions. These spaces are extremely private and at the same time luxurious for a truly immersive client experience.

The only downside is that setting up an exclusive meeting area requires considerable resources. Nonetheless, if your budget allows, establishing a Luxe meeting area is worth every dime you have to pay.

Wrapping Up

Your trade show activities will determine the type of private meeting area you need for your booth. If your trade involves classified info, then an exclusive meeting area is what you need. 

On the other hand, a semi-private space will come in handy if you won’t be discussing trade secrets. Lastly, an open meeting area is ideal for trade show exhibitors who are simply marketing their businesses and they do not expect to close many deals.

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