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How To Merchandise Your Store

The success or failure of a business venture entirely depends on how you expose your products. In essence, having a well organized retail display helps you catch your customer’s attention, and get them to buy your products. 

So how can you achieve this? 

Well, the following are a few suggestions on how to improve your retail displays and maximize your revenue.

Display the “WANTS” and Not the “NEEDS.”

As a store owner, you are advised not to give priority to products that your clients need. This is because most clients respond to product display of goods they want, rather than what they need.

For instance, don’t over prioritize a cheap hand mixer when displaying items in your store, when a fancy KitchenAid is what your clients want. Just because the mixer is cheap doesn’t mean they won’t purchase a more expensive option if made available to them.

Rearrange Your Display Monthly

Promotional, holiday and seasonal goods usually have a short life, so it is advisable to always have new arrivals displayed first.

If you have products that are meant to be displayed together, try and display them together. Having them displayed together gives them a more appealing and attractive display.

For example, you cannot display valentine candles without other valentine products. It is better to wait for all the products to arrive and display them together.  

Tag Your Products

Tagging your products will give your customers an idea of how much your products cost. As a result, they will be able to compare prices with ease, and choose an item that is within their budget range.

Track Your Products Inventory

Tracking your product inventory levels will help you know when to reorder your best-selling items. If a product that’s on display is out of stock, you are advised to replace the display plan with products that are plenty in stock. 

Moreover, if a product is not selling, you can try to move it to a different are before giving up on the product.

Have Some Light

Having the right lighting solution for your products make them more noticeable to potential customers. 

Put Some Description On Your Product

Having some informative info about the product on display gives the customer an idea of what they are buying. This info should be short, visible, and easy to understand.

Rotate Your Displays

You can play around by moving existing product displays to different sections of the retail store, to give it a new look. When new products arrive, you can change the display layout by moving products to different parts of the store.

Start Your Display at the Entrance

Have your latest and expensive products displayed at the entrance to give them maximum exposure. Moreover, try to fill the shelves with enough products, so that customers can easily pick their preferred choice.

Pig the Window

Having an unrelated product placed on your display usually tends to catch the customer’s eyes, making them pay attention to that particular display. For example, try placing a toy just next to your kitchen aid display.

Arrange Your Products in Groups.

Having your products displayed in an organized manner makes them more appealing to your customers. Essentially, you can display them by product use, or arrange them by color. 



With the ever-increasing competition in the retail business, there is no room for simple retail displays. Now, more than ever, we need to think outside the box and come up with different retail displays that can attract more clients to your store. 

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