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Why In-Store Visibility Matters and How To Improve It

With the advancement in technology, it has become far much easier for shoppers to research products effortlessly using their smartphones. As if that is not enough, consumers are also able to check reviews online and compare products at the shelf before making a final purchase decision. Considering this, it is evident that the store has turned into a battlefield for various brands, and this is where the importance of in-store visibility comes into play.


So what is in-store visibility?

True to its name, in-store visibility refers to how you place your products at the shelf, and how potential consumers see them. The main aim of in-store visibility is to ensure consumers are able to spot your products at the shelf, and possibly make a purchase. Nevertheless, for in-store visibility strategies to succeed, you must ensure that pricing and promotions remain consistent across all channels.


Promotional Success

It is normal for brands to invest a lot of money in their marketing campaigns to help attract customers and increase sales. However, nothing will come out of these campaigns, if your promo signs inside the store are not properly placed, your staff is not trained, and your products are not even available. 

In effect, potential customers will opt for your competitors if your promotions are not available by the time they go to the store. With that said, it is imperative to ensure that you properly execute your promotions and displays in stores to realize success.


Pricing Consistency

According to various surveys, about 82 percent of potential buyers say that they expect a retailer’s prices to be the same across all channels. This means your online prices must be consistent with your in-store prices in order to encourage potential consumers to buy your product. 

In any case, most customers spend a lot of time researching before making a purchase. If they find any inconsistencies in prices, it is highly likely that they will opt for your competitors. With this in mind, it is important for your team to post the correct pricing in addition to placing your products appropriately in stores.



Understanding the importance of in-store visibility and having a deeper knowledge of the purchase path can go a long way to help marketers identify what is really affecting sales.


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