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What You Have to Know About Product Demonstrations

When it comes to product demonstrations, are they really all that they are cracked up to be? There is a chance that the answer just might be yes. We’ve all seen those infomercials on late at night where they are showing the audience just how perfectly their rotisserie chicken could be cooked or just how strong the glass their product is made of and how it won’t shatter.

While they have been around for some time, the honest truth is that product demonstrations continue to this day because they happen to work. They are just about the only way to show how a product really is in real life instead of trying to promise that something is going to happen or talking about it instead.

Demonstrations embrace the demonstrative and practical aspect of a product. There has to be a confidence to it all, an ability to step behind the product and take a chance on people thinking that it really isn’t all that great.

But a good demo can be worth its weight in gold! Visual images and video in particular just show people the efficacy of the product. They don’t have to brag about it or try to convince people. All they have to do is put it into action and it just starts working immediately.

The thing about showing a product at a trade show or an exhibit is that you get the chance to show people what it is all about. The demo has to be showing adults how it works and people are learning about it without even knowing.

The interesting part of a good demo is seeing the product in motion. It delivers value through its cause and effect. For instance, a smoothie machine takes a banana and strawberries and yogurt and mixes them together. People are tantalized, but they only see the result and what it can do and want that!

The demonstrations should grab the attention of the viewer. The point is to show how the product can be used and how the average retention for someone visiting can entice them to buy because it’s an interesting show.

They also happen to grab attention, which is what you want. You want to take the eyes off of other booths and put them onto yours. When you put the effort forth you will get the results! Demos make sure that people get automatically how this product works and what to do.

Do you want to incorporate demonstrations of your product into your trade show exhibits? If you can repeat the demo through the hour you will get different waves of people and more interest overall. Consider planning it out so that the product is showcased but people are also interested in it.

Thanks for reading and good luck at your next show! Reach out and talk to us– which approach did you go with? Have you been happy that you did demos at your exhibit? The truth is that people love seeing things in action. Do you have fun when you do demos and does it create the results you want? Contact us and we will help you create a custom exhibit that fits your needs!

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