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Avoiding These 4 Exhibit Design Mistakes

For events, the right exhibit design can make your experience or break it. That is why so many entrepreneurs and businesses choose to get a custom exhibit display.

The goal of every event is to have a successful experience. Some factors can help this while others can impede on you having that experience. One of those is design.

An exhibit design that is attractive and polished will definitely help when it comes to getting people over to your booth. It may be your great presentation, but lots of booths have that. A great design will get people to come over, be drawn in, and make all of your hard work worth it.

Businesses that can get people to come over and do well while they have their time on the floor usually end up being the ones that have a good design and concept. This can be very visually appealing and showcase what makes your services so great.

Check out these things that you might want to consider about your design. You want to be just as able to avoid mistakes as you are at excelling.


1. Having marketing messages that are not clear.

You don’t have to cram in all of the marketing messages and graphics that you can. Less can be more. Having too much coming at people will only distract them and be overwhelming on a mental and visual level.

You’ve got to be able to connect with the audience and have a marketing message that is clear. Don’t let it be convoluted by having an overabundance of information. Choose one large image along with some basic words describing what your company does.

That will be engaging as opposed to busy, which can translate to a display being unprofessional. You want to appear organized, not disorganized. A lack of a clear marketing message or too many won’t help you out. Figure out a message and make it brief. Make sure it lets people know what your company does and does it instantly.


2. Show off your brand.

Make your brand image known and incorporate it into the display. If you can make your brand identity a central focus, people that visit your booth will instantly know what it is that your company has to offer as well as what you do.


3. Have an interior display that is unorganized.

You need to have the outside and the inside be equally great. Plan everything so that it is impressive and make your interior organized. Don’t make the mistake of having it be sloppy or unorganized! Have a vision and a plan. Make it relaxing and don’t put too much stuff. Some chairs, tables or a shelving unit where you can display literature or handouts will help your cause and not hurt it.


4. Missing the traffic flow.

Optimizing traffic is optimizing your booth! Work with a design team to ensure your booth is traffic accessible. You can then maximize the venue and work a display that lets people come to your booth, interact, and find out more. Design according to requirements of size and traffic and you’re good!

Avoid these mistakes and your next exhibit is sure to be amazing and successful too.

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