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Trending in Trade Shows: All About Recent Tech Trends

Distinctive DisplaysWhen it comes to your trade show exhibition, how confident are you that you’re ahead of the curve? It may seem that with every year, a new trend is rumored to be hitting the trade show scene. On top of that, booths seem to only get more unique or more tech involved and flashy with every year.

As tech becomes more affordable, you can better believe that you’re going to start seeing it at the trade shows if it’s bringing in people. Anything that is popular or a draw is always going to be utilized.

Sometimes people may have a reticence when it comes to getting on board with the latest trend. But could some of the latest trade show trends be beneficial to you?

Today we are going to have you find out! We’re talking about trends, technology, and trade shows. After all, the trend of today may just be the thing that sustains you tomorrow. Read on for trends and some trade show tips regarding tech.

You’ve heard about face recognition on a smart phone, but can this tech be utilized in trade shows? Facial recognition software may just be the wave of the future when it comes to booths. It could not only speed up the process of checking in but also give a way to collect demographic data, allow data collectors to access social media profiles, and more! While it’s not currently being utilized across the board, odds are good that this tech may be hitting the grounds of trade show floors in the future.

What about the potential of LED lighting? LED lights have been touted as ways to go green and save energy costs while providing quality light. The trend right now is having exhibits entirely built around LED tech. Things such as projection mapping can create 3-D displays by using LEDs to project images to a surface for viewing.

This combined with displays of kinetic lighting may offer future unlimited potential for booth displays. From projection to light sculptures in motion and more, this tech is trending and may be very hot in the future.

Another trend in tech is machine learning. It’s different from programmed technology in that it’s not programmed to take on a predetermined task. As the name suggests, real data is analyzed and the computer uses the inputs to become ‘smarter’ and then make predictions– assessments based on what it has analyzed.

This may sound a little out there, but it’s very real. It’s also a testament to how far technology has come, and this trend has the potential to be revolutionary in a variety of industries. For marketers at trade shows, this tech may be able to help them analyze information about attendees and customer demographics.

There’s no doubt that tech is on the rise. The key is utilizing technology in a pragmatic and unique way to benefit your business. Whether you plan to use them or not, it’s helpful to know the latest in tech trends. Who knows, you may end up using them one day!

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