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Our Top Tips for Creating a Great Exhibit and Display

When you go to a trade show, you’ve got to find a way to stand out from the competition. When you have an exhibit, you have to draw in attendees and entice them to come to your booth or they’ll go to another one instead! Having the proper strategies for your display can help further your brand and help you fulfill your marketing goals.

Be sure to use color in the right way.

Having the right color matching up to your brand can help add to awareness and recognition. Make sure that your brand and your color are synced up. It should match your industry and just generally be aligned with the overall idea of your business and what it does.

A dynamic sign is better than a tall sign.

A tall sign may help grab eyes on your exhibit, but ultimately you want dynamic signage over all else. Having your booth match up to the sign is an interesting concept and the unity of the display may draw more people in. After all, people like things that look good– so make sure that your exhibit is on point, even down to the sign.

Go for looking great over being too attention-grabby.

While being attractive is good, avoid going the full tropical bird colors route. Your exhibit should be attractive but not overly showy. Show a few feathers, but avoid being tacky or gaudy– it may be a turn-off to potential interested attendees.

Put effort into your logo.

As it is essentially the face of a brand, the logo of your business will either draw people in or send them away. They may think that it’s interesting, or they may not like it at all. If you don’t like your logo either, it’s time to upgrade– use the trade show as the excuse you need to get in motion!

Back light to provide contrast.

Back lighting is a nice option that can create contrast and draw the eye to your logo. Consider the benefits of using additional lighting to show off your booth.

Use media to promote your brand.

Whether an engaging video or digital tricks to show off your business and what it does, you cannot go wrong with a great video or any other type of media to promote your brand.

Demonstrate your brand, business, product, or services.

Seeing is believing, and people like the novelty of seeing what your company does! Whether it’s dying fabric or selling blankets or fixing roofs or selling food or frozen meals, toys, paper, or something else (we realize that we’re not covering all the bases here), show a video or a real demonstration and you will see the level of engagement and interest in and at your booth spike!

Think about what you find impressive.

If having certain things as part of a trade show display would draw you in, they probably would draw others in too. Consider offering free bottled water or other amenities. Show a video or use one of our above tips to accelerate engagement.

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