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How to Select the Best Exhibit Location on the Show Floor

Custom Trade Show Exhibition Design NYThe space you choose for your trade show exhibit comprises the greater percentage of your budget. Therefore, you should never use the dartboard method to select this space.

Similar to real estate transaction, the location should be the primary agenda. Not all trade show booths are equal in providing the result. The location of your trade show booth is a major factor in how well you will drive in traffic and this will affect your Return on Investment.
As such, when selecting the best trade show exhibition location, consider the following pointers.

1. Ensure your location is reserved early
Essentially, early does not mean a month or week before the exhibition, it means you reserve your space a year early. It is not uncommon for the show’s organizers to provide open space selection a year before the actual event. Exhibition spaces are allocated with some reference to exhibitors’ participation in the previous show.

However, at times they are offered on a first come first serve basis. Nonetheless, you should plan early to find booth spaces that are available and are ideal to ensure that your decision is made early.  If the space you required is already booked, inform the show organization and they will reserve the space in case it is canceled.

2. You need a historical perspective
Ensure that you get exhibit floor layout copies from the management based on previous shows. They are usually similar every year.  Evaluate the space allocation based on the traffic that they creator from past exhibitors. You will find similar patterns to spaces that garnered attention and traffic. This is another method of getting the best trade show exhibit location.

3. Anticipate congestion
Be hesitant when given an exhibit booth at the entrance. The closer you get to the entrance, the more congested it may get. However, this does not mean more traffic in your booth as visitors are getting their bearings while trying to get away from the entrance. Ensure you learn the difference between traffic and chaotic congestion. You will not have a productive conversation with those who attend the exhibition if you are in an area where there is much congestion. This may affect your Return on Investment for the exhibit location you have chosen.

4. Aisle Vs Island
There are four types of exhibit locations that trade shows offer, they include:

  • Peninsula booths
  • Aisle booths
  • Island Booths
  • End-cap booths

Each of these locations in a trade show has its advantages. Island exhibits offer the largest space in the show floor. These exhibits have openings on all four sides and can make a huge impact once deployed effectively.  Nonetheless, bigger is not always better for you. With the advantageous strategic promotional campaign, a 10 by 10 square foot exhibit space can provide better results.  Therefore, you need to define the goals for the exhibition, consider traffic flow, budget, and display needs. Once you are sure of this, you can get your ideal space.

However, if you have a big budget and your products and service require large space, you can use the island booth.
Main isles, Inline exhibit space, and peninsulas or end caps are also excellent choices as attendees will stop by and take a look before moving on to other booths.

5. Check your surroundings
For the best trade show exhibit location, choose somewhere between smaller displays and exhibit booths. This makes your booth look unique from afar and there is greater visibility to the attendees of the trade show.
Avoid areas in the trade show floor where there are columns that impose on the visibility of your exhibit booth.

6. Ask the trade exhibition management about your competition
You may have the best trade show exhibit location. However, this is not enough. Ask about companies providing similar products and services as yours. In addition, ask where their exhibit booths are located. You need to avoid being in close proximity to your major competitors.

Furthermore, there may be companies who have similar products and services as you do but have displays that are more dynamic. You want to be as far as possible from such competitors.  Conversely, also consider that having competitors close to you may be a plus as you have attendees who are curious to see what you have to offer that the competitor is not able to do.  In addition, if your budget provides for a dynamic exhibit, do not be afraid to be close to competition.

With these factors in mind, you know how to get the best trade show exhibit location in an exhibition trade fair. However, always remember that if you cannot get that location that you really need, you can choose to share the budget with another client for a location that you find ideal. Enjoy the exhibition and market your products and services with the knowledge that you gained clients while at the trade exhibition. This will bring a Return on Investment for your business or company.

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