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Leave a mark! 9 things staffers can do to get your booth noticed

best custom trade show exhibits Many startups have found immense success from their exhibitions at trade shows while many more continue to struggle and get disappointed. The difference lies in whether you are able to get yourself noticed and to stand out from the crowd. Creating brand awareness, developing relationships and generating leads are the goals every exhibitor has at trade show exhibitions, but sometimes the staffers employed are the greatest hindrance to this. Here are 9 simple things staffers can do to get your booth noticed.

1. Use great graphics to make a good first impression
There are many booths in the exhibition and the first impression you make can be what attracts people to your stand. Many clients look at your graphics to determine what kind of company yours is and the kind of services or products you offer. When your graphics are soiled, loose or poorly installed, the potential client will lose confidence in your ability to deliver great service.

2. Observer cleanliness
Your staffers should know the importance of keeping your booth clean as an untidy booth speaks volume about your company. The trash should be emptied regularly and if you are serving snacks, you should order porter service so that your trash can be collected multiple times a day. A neat and organized booth is crucial in attracting potential clients.

3. Dress to impress
Coordinating your outfit and that of your staffers with the theme of your booth or with your brand is sure to bring attention to your booth. While very official clothing may be professional, it will not draw people to your booth. The staffers should wear matching outfits which should be in attractive bright colors to draw potential client to your booth.

4. Lighting is crucial
Lighting is usually underrated but can draw clients in their droves. The lighting in your booth should highlight your brand and any light that doesn’t serve this purpose should be removed or fixed. A simple floor lamp or backlighting on your message can create an ambiance that can lead to many lead generations as clients feel at home in your booth.

5. Avoid your phone
Whenever a client finds your staffers on their phones, they feel unwelcome and unappreciated. The staffers should avoid using their phones while in the booth so that clients don’t end up thinking they are disinterested. If a staffer has to use his phone, he should have another staffer stand in for him while he does it. Alternatively, your staffers can serve in shifts, freeing up some time for such personal needs such texting.

6. Offer some snacks if you can
Many clients who visit the booth are thirsty or hungry and would highly appreciate a bottle of water, some candy or a cup of coffee. Serving your visitors with snacks shows them how much you appreciate them and will make them want to stay longer and listen to what you have to say. While offering snacks to clients is encouraged, your staffers should never take the snacks themselves as they might seem too busy and unapproachable to the clients.

7. Avoid wire clutter
Wires are important in your booth as they connect the different sets. However, wires should be well managed to avoid having a clutter of wires all over the floor. Many exhibitors assume that the clients will understand the mess, but this is not so. Clients take this as a sign of your company’s poor organizational structure and will most likely withhold their business from you.

8. Send invitation and thank-you cards
Your best customers should always be invited to your exhibits or you may end up with an empty booth. While seeking new clients is one of the goals of participating in an exhibition, your clients are still important and should be invited to your exhibition. Once the exhibition is over, you should send thank-you cards to all the prospective clients you interacted with as a follow-up on the leads.

9. Make the experience fun
Clients will most likely visit tens of booths in an exhibition which makes it crucial to make yours memorable. One of the best ways is by making it fun-filled and engaging for any visitor you get. Customize popular games to accommodate some of the products your company offers or get them the chance to get a first-hand experience of your products. This will make your presentation memorable and your potential clients are likely to remember you even after they leave.

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