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How Can I Convince Management to Try New Trade Show Strategies?


Are you someone who is regularly at trade shows? Do you feel like your business does okay at these shows, but that the strategy could be changed up to be more effective? Often times, the greatest obstacle to a new approach is your bosses or higher-ups. Management may have a standard way of doing their booths and a way that they like to have things operate at these types of shows.

It’s possible to convince management to try new strategies at the trade shows. This can be great and this can be bad. If for some reason a poor result comes out of the experience, then they may blame it on trying out your strategies. However, if your strategies are adapted and do fairly well, they may be interested in rewarding you in some way or giving you a promotion. It certainly makes you look good!

Perhaps you don’t think this is you or you believe it’s too risky. Maybe you run your own trade show booth and don’t work with a company. This article has something for everyone, so even if this isn’t exactly you maybe you can pick up some great show strategies or get an idea you might not have had otherwise. Read on and find out more!

Management may be used to doing things a certain way at trade shows. That’s fair; many businesses operate under the idea of if it’s not broken, why fix it? But if you seriously think that it’s time to try new strategies, perhaps it’s time to talk to them about it. It’s possible you could get the green light, but you need to put forth why these strategies are good ideas and give solid points that highlight the gains you might get from these concepts.

You’ll want to show that your strategies can also match existing initiatives of the business. Management usually explores new concepts at the start of the fiscal year, but marketing demands and event and staff needs can often result in these plans losing momentum before being implemented. Look at your company or business. Do they want to break into certain markets or continue to operate in the black? This can be key as to whether or not they’ll even be interested.

If you want more ideas, you can research aspects of trade show booths to find out what you think will work. Find examples of success with anything from custom trade show booths to ideas that boost engagement.

Show them that it’s in the budget. Money decides a lot when it comes to business decisions like this. No one’s going to opt for taking a risk that also costs more money than what they’re already doing. Make sure it costs the same. But less than the same amount would ideally be better. Do that if possible.

Also be sure to show the numbers. Calculate past ROI of events and calculate your plan for this year’s ROI and how it will beat it. Show that your strategies are affordable. Lastly, compile a strategy document if you really need it that will enhance the effectiveness of your approach.

Be convincing, but also flexible enough to accept a ‘no’. It may turn into a yes for next year if you are patient and they have adequate time to think about it. Either way, being proactive about your career and your job and doing your best to benefit the company can only be looked upon positively. If you want to do it, go for it and good luck!

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