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Keeping Trade Show Marketing Fresh

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Trade shows are all about staying fresh in order to get noticed. If you’re not at the top of your game, you might fall behind with other competing exhibitors. A study done at the end of 2015 by Exhibit Surveys found that 38% of visitors say their visit influenced what they purchased and that many of the trade show attendees had not been existing customers of the exhibitors or trade show exhibitions that they visited.

If you want to get attention, you’ve either got to be naturally quick and take to this business like a duck to water or you’ve got to study up. Staying current with the latest news, developments, and more in trade shows is really important to attract people from the crowd– and getting them invested or interested in your service or product!

Using trends or tech can help you draw some attention, as can innovating merchandising, marketing, brand concepts, and more. Want to keep your fresh? Read on for our tips and tricks to find out more.

Provide a Fresh Experience
Whether it’s trying something totally new or hopping on the latest idea or trend, experimental marketing can offer up huge gains. Going above and beyond to grab the attention of a consumer is the name of the game– and if it’s not, at least you know that you went bigger but did not get the results that you hoped for instead of wondering what would have happened if you had done this or that.

If your trade show booths are smaller than you would expect, you have to make the most of the square feet you’re given. That can include putting more effort into making sure that your brand is out there but your space doesn’t feel crowded or like it’s doing too much. You’ve got to keep your booth innovative, and the best way to do that is by offering a fresh experience or something that is very attractive to visitors. Look for ideas or just put some time aside to brainstorm ideas– it’s up to you what you ultimately choose.

Try Wearable Technology
Wearable tech is an interesting idea that has been made far more accessible in the past few years. Instead of branded pens, companies are making sharing data easier than ever. Exhibitors are loving this all-access pass to trade shows made possible for companies like Poken. Attendees just put on this wearable tech, fill out a profile before the show (as does the vendor), and that tech will transfer when they are interested in a certain booth. Touching devices with the vendor is all it takes and the information is exchanged.

A Great Design
A booth that has a great design is more than just flashy– it draws people in. Creating a connection is what it’s all about, and when you can design your booth to get attention and draw someone in, you’re doing something right. If you want to try something new, you can try something a little out of the ordinary– why not? You’ve got to spend money to make money sometimes.

If you’re still having trouble getting inspired, think about what might draw YOU in if you were an attendee at a trade show. It’s all about staying fresh, so keep an eye on trends and always make choices with engagement in mind and you’ll do well at your next trade show!

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