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Great Engagement Strategies for Your Trade Show Booth

Best trade show booth strategies Do you have the best strategies for your booth at the upcoming trade show? Old school ways of getting leads worked for a long time, and you had to give out a physical card or piece of paper with the information of your business. A fancy fish bowl filled with delicious candy used to be a huge way to get leaders where you would come over to them and talk about your pitch!

You can use trade show booth strategies to get more interest and more traffic to your booth at the next trade show that really work. Now more than ever, the level and way that companies engage with potential customers has really changed.

Buyers and customers are savvier than ever and they want something more from what they’re buying or how they’re being approached. You have to be something of an amateur new-age marketing genius and experiment with what works and maybe even things that aren’t being done before. Or you could always go for the good old-fashioned fish bowl approach.

Today we’re talking about engagement strategies you might want to try for your upcoming trade show booth. Event attendees want to see more and the journey starts for them the second that they see your booth. An event that is well organized can really inform attendees and even win new customers for you. Read on to find out more!

With so many objectives you might want to achieve at a trade show, it makes sense to attempt to create ways to meet this goal. If you want to create general goodwill for your brand and meet people, free giveaway items or food or bottled water is an easy way to generate traffic towards your booth. Some exhibitors want to hopefully boost sales or get people interested in their services. So either way you need to get people coming to your booth, and there are a number of ways to do that.

A clean and organized visual display of your booth is great, and like we said before, the free giveaways really combine to draw people in. From there you can have a one on one interaction between you and the attendee and make a good first impression. The goal ultimately is to start and build a relationship with an attendee and have them associate positively with the brand.

Write out what you want to achieve on a piece of paper. If it’s engagement, write down ideas to explore that. If it’s hard leads and email addresses for newsletters, work that out. Think of what you want to achieve, how to get there, and then do it. That’s the best way to really meet goals at these shows– having a good strategic plan and following through. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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