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10 Tips for an Exhibit Display that Stands Out

professional trade show exhibitsHiring a booth in a trade show is not a small investment. Hence, you should try to make maximum use of that investment. You will have to compete with many other stalls. Hence, your booth has to be unique. Here are 10 tips for an exhibit display that stands out.

1. Create a Theme
In order to make your booth or stall look more attractive, there should be a theme. It should be something which is related to your brand. For example, if your company is selling burgers or sandwiches, the stall should like that of a burger joint.

2. Highlight your Logo
The logo of your brand is very important. Hence, in order to market your brand, it is very important to highlight the logo. There are several ways to make your logo more visible. You can make a 3D design of your logo or you can also light it from different backgrounds.

3. Use Video
Videos generally attract more people. It will be great if you manage to install a monitor and run a video informing the audience about your brand and what you are selling. You can also use the monitor to highlight your logo.

4. Train the booth hosts
Getting the right design and the right look for your booth is very important. But it should be approachable as well. The booth hosts should be very welcoming so that all the guests feel comfortable. They should also be trained so that they can deal with all kinds of questions from the visitors.

5. Contests and prizes
Prizes will naturally attract more people to your stall. Holding a lucky draw is a great idea. And when you are holding a lucky draw, make all the people fill a form mentioning their basic details and their phone number. Thus, apart from drawing more people to your stall, you also get the opportunity to collect valuable data.

6. Snacks and Drinks
Offering snacks or drinks is a great idea provided it fits within your budget. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant. However, you should also use this as an opportunity to market your brand. For example, if you are offering packaged drinks to all the guests, your logo should be attached to it.

7. Make friends with your neighbors
It is always a great idea to make friends with your neighboring stalls. In case you need something, they will come to our rescue.

8. Promotional Products
This is another great way to attract more people to your booth. However, you need to carefully select the promotional product. Most brands generally go for pens but it has become too mainstream. You can instead go for bags or cups.

9. Booth Locations
The location of your booth is also very important. If you book late, you may get a stall which is located right at the corner. Hence, try to book early so that you get the best location.

10. Interactive
The presentation which you make to the guests is very important. It should be interactive. They should be curious to know more.

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