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How Social Media Can Impact Events and Trade Shows

Social Media for Trade Show EventsWhen it comes to social media, this platform has already changed the way that businesses market. You’re probably sick of hearing the words social media being mentioned online and on the local news and everything else you see or hear. It’s not enough for everyone to be on social media all of the time, but we’re hearing about it everywhere. But that fact itself is due to a very important factor– social media itself.

Whether for socializing, sharing our lives, checking in with a brand, or hearing about new promotions and events, it’s hard to deny the many benefits that social media provides (and nothing else really does). It allows an organized format to communicate with millions of people. Use hashtags to create a searchable term or just post photos on your account of things you’re doing. Spread the word and gain followers as you go, which will mean more people checking out content from your feed.

Is it possible to harness the power of social media for trade show event planning? The short answer is yes. Social media can be a huge tool that can help when it comes to events and trade shows and promotion in general. Read on to find out just how social media may be able to help you achieve more success with events and trade shows.

Get Your Name Out There and Advertise an Event or Show.
Social media is a great way for companies, entrepreneurs, business people and people involved with trade shows or events to advertise the show. It is the easiest and these days it seems like one of the only channels to let people know about something that is happening in advance with any success.

Putting out a social media campaign promoting the date and time of a show or event gives people a chance to want to attend and mark the date in their calendar or buy tickets to attend. It also gives exhibitors, vendors, and attendees a chance to get to know your brand ahead of time, building familiarity without even trying. That way they are more likely to check out your brand before others because it’s something that they already know and have decided that they have an interest in.

Generate Booth Traffic by Posting Giveaways and Promotions.
Posting your giveaways and promotions on social media during an event will also help attendees find you on social media and then in real life. They’ll recognize your name when they see you and even may seek out your booth specifically in order to find out more. People love a giveaway or a promotion, so make sure they know about it! Post on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook and more and use hashtags involving your brand and the event or show you are at.

Enable Engagement.
A public that knows your brand and what it is means will be more likely to engage with your business. Recognition at events and being present on social media enables engagement and more business and online traffic in general.

Social media can be great for events if you get on there and use it! Businesses are all over social media, and why? Because it gets the word out and boosts sales and profits. If you want an audience, you want sales, and you want brand recognition, check out social media. Download one app and make one account at a time and use the platform to get the word out!

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