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Our Top Ways to Have an Exciting Trade Show Exhibit

IMG_5950When it comes to your booth, having an engaging exhibit gets more attention. Well, what are some trade show exhibit tips that could help you do that? We’re here with our top ways that you can spice up your trade show exhibit and reel in traffic, attention, and leads! Read on to find out more.

Our Top Ways to Have an Exciting Trade Show Exhibit

Use bolder colors

Color can have a big impact on your booth! Don’t use boring colors– try bolder hues than you’ve ever tried before. Whether it’s blue or yellow or even orange and green, figure out what stands out and utilize it!

Have images that draw an audience

Other than photos and illustrations, you can use big graphics to wow people and draw them in! Make sure your images showcase aspects of your brand or what you want people to know. After all, people process photos in the mind far quicker than text and are more likely to ‘see’ your image than to read through text.

Engaging wording

Let your audience and potential buyers let them know what your products do and why they should buy them. At the end of the day, anything else is just dressing.

Have movement amid demonstrations.

The more movement, the more that is perceived to be happening, and guess what? People stop to watch things in motion. So remember that you are essentially part of a live action show and move about within that concept accordingly!

Fancy AV/Video tech features.

Impress booth visitors with television or other digital mediums that showcase your brand and product. You can make it a PowerPoint or use a tablet or flat screen on a video wall– whatever it is, you can catch attention and inform at the same time using AV and video tech. Add another level to your booth with some catchy tech features!


People love finding out about things that they are curious about but never have experienced before. Ride that wave of desire using props that they will enjoy playing with or that will help further inform them. Props can be your friend. People also love things that are given out for free, so consider getting some merchandise to give out that will lure people to your booth and help them remember your brand. Be sure to include your site or any social media accounts you want to advertise too.


You want your booth staffed with people who are friendly and can smile the whole day through. They will be the ones who are engaging with people who visit your booth and attracting them to come check it out in the first place! The social nature of your staff will make or break your booth, so be sure to have informing, entertainer types over introverted, shy characters.

Great lighting

Good lighting will display your booth in a more positive light, no pun intended. The more lights, the more your products and graphics will be lit up. So, use accent lighting, backlighting, moving lighting, or colorful lighting to make an impact! As an added bonus, LED lights are more affordable to use forever, and many companies are specializing in the lights they offer especially for events.

Good height

Not too much, and not too little– make sure your exhibit is easy to see from a distance! An exhibit that has a sign or graphic design that stands out is going to be more noticeable than a plain Jane type of exhibit. Make sure your booth has at least one tall feature that makes it stand out to garner more attention.

Promotions and free things

One thing that people certainly love is to eat and to drink. People often forget to bring food and beverages with them or get thirsty and hungry while inside. Many arenas do not allow outside food and drink, so having free bottled water and other free items will certainly draw people’s attention! Think about it, wouldn’t you check out a booth if you were offered a free granola bar? Never underestimate the power of free things and promotional materials to draw a crowd. Even pens or key chains will interest people, so consider any items you would like to bring along with you to display at your booth to draw an audience.

Those are our top tips for having an awesome exhibit booth! Use one or more of these tips to make your booth the best it can be. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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