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6 Great Reasons to Ditch the Traditional Exhibit

IMG_5915When it comes to custom trade show exhibits, is it out with the old and in with the new? Traditional exhibits are fine, but sometimes you need to shake things up in order to get some results. 

1. Stay within a varying budget.
You’re already paying a lot to rent an exhibit in a city and to pay for the one you use overall. A custom exhibit is going to be expensive to ship to where you’re going to be, and the labor costs for setting it up can be extremely high thanks to labor rates and minimums in certain cities with highly unionized events. So, save on shipping and cost by ditching the old for good. Your budget can vary from year to year, so it’s kind of an albatross to bear if you have an expensive exhibit that needs to go to this place and this place– it’s a guaranteed drain on the budget.

2. Save on time.
Having an exhibit in different cities is going to take up some time to ship that same exhibit to different points. Shipping a custom exhibit that is bulky can be very expensive, so minimizing your costs is important. Shipping a custom exhibit may take far more time than you really have, and in some cases, mistakes or simple shipping times may mean that you’re cutting it extremely close.

3. Maximize your money saved and utilize the space.
Riggers charge per rigging point so minimizing those can help. As exhibit sizes vary from location to location, consider getting a new exhibit that works for any space. A well-designed exhibit that is able to fit into any space is going to be more useful than you would think. Systems that have a quick set up and are lighter in weight are becoming more common. Will your traditional exhibit be this versatile? Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out.

4. Make reconfiguring show to show much easier.
You don’t want something that is blocky and is going to slow down your set up. These days, exhibits are designed with reconfiguration in mind. These exhibits are not only more stylish, but they’re going to fit into a variety of spaces without any problem whatsoever. Designers have put even more effort into exhibit system products. These days you can find an exhibit that is both functional and stylish whereas it would have been a lot tougher a few years ago. They’re also designed to work with graphics and hardware better.

5. You may want to rent some or all of your exhibit for a show.
Renting a custom exhibit does not allow you for a flexible look. Get a reconfigurable exhibit and you can rent it out or at least have the option to if you want to. A flexible design means that renting out would be possible where you custom exhibit may make it effectively impossible.

6. It makes international shipping easier.
When it comes to international showing and shipping, make the entire process easier. A custom exhibit may not work, but a flexible modular system may be okay to ship. They’ll also be easier to set up and dismantle, saving you time and labor costs.

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