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Our Top 8 Tips for Amping Up Your Trade Show Exhibit

FullSizeRender-4When it comes to your trade show exhibit, it’s always better to stand out than to blend in. If you’re looking to make your exhibit a little jazzier than usual, check out our following trade show exhibit tips. We’ll help you amp up your exhibit and draw some attention.

1. Think Bright Colors
Color is huge for humans. It helps set moods and evoke certain feelings. You may have noticed that certain colors are used in certain brand logos over and over again, like red and yellow (McDonald’s, Wendy’s). The eye is attracted to bold colors of everything from red to violet on the color spectrum. So, instead of using navy, blacks, grays, implement some bright colors into your exhibit to make an impact.

2. Visually Impressive
Photos say so much more than words can, and a visually impressive booth can be intriguing and thus attract more people! Put high-quality images up for your exhibit that are detailed and relevant to your brand. They can be photos of your products, of images that are of places, or that just show people enjoying your product or using it. You can throw in some data and graphs if you feel it will benefit you.

3. Great Tech
Tech that makes your booth more exciting is always a good idea. The younger crowd may be intrigued about your booth once they see images and videos being displayed. It could be anything from a snapshot slideshow to videos about your product or even a PowerPoint. It’s up to you, but good AV tech is definitely worth following up on.

4. Powerful Words About Your Product
You’ve only got a short time in which to sell people on your product or services. As such, choose your words carefully. It’s important to convey what you’re trying to tell people. Why is your product worth purchasing? Why does it beat the competition? Tell them what products you have, what they do, and make sure they are compelling and descriptive.

5. Great Staff
A great staff is going to help draw people to your exhibit. People who are naturally friendly and engaging are a huge resource to have on any team. Have people who are positive, who love smiling and laughing, who are able to start a conversation with someone and not be too pushy. People who do this for a living are also available for these types of events, so consider hiring someone if you really want that social element.

6. Give Out Free Things or Have Props
People are drawn in by engaging objects. So, why not include some free things or engaging props as part of your booth? Either way, attendees will want to see what it is you’ve got there on the table. Even if they’re just toy cars or free keychains, it’s a great way to attract people and get them to your booth!

7. Get Some Height
A taller exhibit is going to stand out from the crowd! With so many booths, a taller structure or sign as part of your exhibit can allow you to attract more visitors– the height creates intrigue! You can use a prop or a photo– some of these back walls can be pretty high and should allow for it. Just be sure to check what the specs of the place are ahead of time.

8. Food and Drink/Gifts
It never really hurts to amp up your exhibit with a little snack and beverage service! You wouldn’t think it, but attendees are going to be a little peckish at events, especially when they’ve been walking around. A few choice snacks, some drinks, all individually packaged, will go a long way to draw people. They can’t help it– it’s free and satisfying, and no other booths will likely be offering them! Ask yourself, would you check out the booth with the food and drinks at the expo? Yes, you would!

You can also set out some gifts, too. However, try and make them promotional, meaning they go to people who sign up for email lists or services. It’s up to you, but try to make the most of it! Either way, having goodies on your table will mean more attendees, which is great!

Those are our top 8 tips for amping up your trade show exhibit. We hope you liked them enough to consider using some of them at your next expo. Don’t blend in– stand out and make this your best year yet!

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