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Should You Use Snapchat In Your Trade Show Booth?

snapchat-for-tradeshow-booth-marketing-new-yorkWhen it comes to your company, trade shows may be a huge part of your day today. When you have a booth or exhibit at one of these shows, you’re engaging with hundreds and even thousands of potential customers– something you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do. You can showcase your new product, have a live demo, show videos, or just reach out to people and talk about your company. It’s a chance to see “behind the curtains” of a company, find new brands, and buy something now or down the line for many people.

You may be wondering how social media comes into all of this. Well, social media offers a fun way to interact with customers that is totally pressure-free. It’s quickly becoming part of the new trade show booth marketing for lots of reasons! Snapchat is one such platform that allows you to engage with potential customers without any pressure and get to know them. Should you be checking it out? Here are some reasons why Snapchat should be part of your next trade show booth.

Social media allows businesses to connect with more people that ever before. This messaging app allows users to send video and photo posts quickly to each other. People follow their friends, family, even celebrities and companies on this social media platform. Did you know that? If you didn’t, that’s just another reason why you need to check it out. The connections are endless.

Between the filters and captions and doodles and lenses, Snapchat is addicting! More than one person has fallen into the world of Snapchat. However, the Snap actually goes away after ten seconds of being viewed. While this may seem silly, for visual imagery ten seconds is more than enough. Plus, it’s the opposite of big time commitment– you don’t have to check out any snaps you don’t want to, and it’s not really that much out of your life even if you do. The lack of pressure makes it more attractive!

About Snapchat

  • Tons of users in the youth market
  • 400 million snaps sent a day
  • Majority of users are women
  • Fun and easy social media site to use
  • Create relevant content easily
  • 26 million users on the site
  • Light hearted site
  • Easy to cross promote
  • Introduce customers to staff, products
  • Snapchat your exhibit and booth
  • Create ‘stories’

At the end of the day, most social media sites can be a boon to your business if you are utilizing them correctly. Social media isn’t just for chatting anymore– it’s a serious money maker, and companies are sitting up and starting to pay attention. Believe it or not, that same app your teenage daughter uses is about to help your business grow.

Snapchat is easy enough to use that you don’t have to stress out about being ‘too old’ to use it. No one is too old for this app! People use it of all ages and walks of life. That’s kind of the point– if everyone’s on it, then it is a decent place to go to boost business. If you can have some fun too, all the better.

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