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Attracting Customers with a Simple, Attractive Exhibit

custom-trade-show-exhibit-displays-nyToday’s trade shows require quite a bit of effort! With shows being so important, it’s crucial to have your booth stand out. Booths have evolved quite a bit over the years and you want yours to grab attention! Read on to find out how keeping your graphic image and message simple is the best approach for trade shows. A custom trade show exhibit that utilizes the principle of less is more may just be your ticket to success.

Your exhibit must get plenty of attention, so you would think that the first thing to do is rush out and deck it out in everything you possibly can, right? Wrong.

The first impression window for a potential client is fast and fleeting. They have about three to five seconds in which they’re paying attention. It is during that time you must make a move (or rather, your booth). So what you are saying with your exhibit must also be pretty clear, because if there’s too much going on they will get distracted and move on to something else.

If you have a large organization, and your exhibit is advertising a branch of what you do, make that clear. Your division and region should be spelled out and made available. As part of a bustling and busy trade show floor, your exhibit needs to be easily understood by all the visitors that will be coming through. You want to answer any questions the individual has about who you are or what you do as quickly as possible.

Your message needs to very clear. Make it the second most important message on your priority list. Your tag line needs to be specific to your company and what you do. You don’t want it to be vague. Check out your tagline and try to evaluate it from an outside perspective. If you can figure out what your company does after reading it, you’re good to go. Anyone can have “reliable service” or “friendly people you can trust” as their tagline.

Bullet points do not hurt either! These little things can help you create informative graphic displays that are beyond easy to read. Define your message using these points instead of paragraphs. Visitors will be able to figure out what you’re all about quickly and easily.

You should also consider using images as part of your booth. We think and process a lot of our world through images as human beings! Take advantage of this natural predilection and incorporate graphics as you wish (just not too many or it will potentially be distracting for the viewer). Make sure whatever graphics you use reflect your brand.

Someone who’s visiting your booth needs to know what your company does and are likely staying to gather more information. What they are attracted to should be followed with the ability to learn more using your business card, brochures, the site, and more.

A strong trade show exhibit can draw people in and generate sales and leads. Keeping everything simple will allow you to reach the maximum amount of people possible. Too much business in a booth can be overwhelming. Keep it simple with an exhibit that is pared down but laser focused.

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