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4 Exhibit Design Mistakes To Avoid

custom exhibit display NYWhen it comes to an event, the right custom exhibit design can make or break you. The goal of every entrepreneur or business is to have a successful event experience. However, many factors can get in the way of having your best experience, and one of them is design.

A polished and attractive exhibit design will draw people in. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the quality of your presentation and your ability to show up that matters—they don’t. Your design and your ability to draw people in will be what makes your time and investment worth the while. It will often be the difference between a successful showroom exhibit and a failure.

The businesses that are able to draw people in and do well on the floor are the ones with more than a decent trade show exhibit design. A good design is visually appealing and showcases what is great about your services. Here are some things you should consider when it comes to your design. After all, it’s just as important to avoid making mistakes as it is to do well.

1. Having unclear marketing messages

Some people feel like they have to fit in all the marketing graphics and messages possible in order to draw people in. The irony is that trying to fit too much on there just ends up distracting people. It can even be visually and mentally overwhelming. To connect with your audience, you have to have a clear marketing message. Allowing your image to be convoluted by too much information is a rookie mistake.

Choosing one large image and a few basic words that describe what you do will be much more engaging than displays that are too busy, which make an exhibit seem tacky and unprofessional. You don’t want to come off as disorganized, and an unclear marketing message will do that. Have a brief message that outlines who you are and what you do right off the bat. Deliver the first line and the rest of your message can come once you have people in your booth.

2. Don’t minimize your brand—show it off

Don’t turn down your brand image during your display! Make the identity of your brand the central focus so that anyone visiting the booth knows what your company offers and what they do as well.

3. Having an unorganized display on the interior

The inside needs to be just as great as the outside, so plan to impress. Make it organized and easy to relax inside; simply put, don’t have too much stuff turning everyone off to your exhibit. Shelving, cabinets– anything makes a great way to display literature and even tech to promote yourself. Keep any handouts or cards well organized and displayed cleanly, and you’ll be just fine.

4. Missing out on traffic flow

To optimize traffic is to optimize your booth, so work carefully with your design team to make sure it is as accessible to traffic as possible. That way, you can maximize every venue in order to have a display that really allows people to come in and interact! Make sure that you’re designing your exhibit according to size and traffic requirements.

Follow our tips for avoiding exhibit design mistakes and see what active thinking and creative planning can do for your next exhibit display!


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