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5 Ways Your Trade Show Display Graphics Can Make a Great First Impression

First impressions definitely count a lot in any trade show display. Each and every single detail must be fully taken into account; from the banners, walls and lighting you use to even the brochure and tablet display stand you opt for. Trade show display graphics in particular have to be clean and professional looking.

Many businesses spend colossal sums of cash on obtaining new displays. Yet most of them usually settle for non-descript and amateurish graphics. To this end, make it a point to enlist the services of a skilled graphic designer. Such a professional will certainly know just where to obtain quality files, how to actually format them or in the extreme, utilize native varieties.

1. Enlist the services of the best professional

Take your time to determine if the graphic designer you settle for fully understands what image resolution, vector art, PMS color and even bleed really are. Only recruit such an individual after comprehensively doing your homework. Please note that your trade show display graphics will be the deciding factor in the success of your presentation.

2. Image quality matters a lot

All your graphics, not excluding your company logo ought to be of optimal vector resolution. It is very important to have clean, original or native graphics. This won’t necessitate breaking into a bank, and its rewards will totally compensate for the effort you put in. Attendees will be interacting with your graphics all day long, and it is wise to make the right impression. At all costs, never utilize the logo featuring on your business cards. Try as much as possible to obtain raw files.

3. Size and scale matter

Always go for big trade show display graphics as much as you can. However, always bear in mind that scale is equally critical. Your graphics should effortlessly translate from four feet to as high as forty feet tall. Consult with your graphic designer to make sure that they integrate the appropriate scale.

4. Color is also important

You have to remember that obtaining the right colors is very crucial in this business. For instance, requesting for burgundy and then getting pepto-Bismol pink can equate to your very worst nightmare. As such, go through the distinct pantone swatches with your graphic designer. This will guarantee you are always on the same page on the exact kinds of colors you wish to work with.

5. Detail is always king

The exact structure of your trade show display booth will significantly influence the exact flow of your graphics. Of course, you cannot be totally sure until the moment it is ultimately set up. Always review the exact architecture of your trade show display booth prior to the actual printing of the trade show display graphics you eventually settle for.

Therefore, take all the time you need to identify where everything in the booth is positioned. While at the same time, taking into consideration that exact dimensions are very essential. You will want avoid costly mistakes on the graphics you in the long run choose. So reviewing the rendered graphics in advance, will enable you to eliminate such errors in this area. Given, it will be time consuming, but it will be definitely worth it.

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