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6 Creative Musts for Effective Trade Show Exhibits

custom trade show exhibits nycWhen it comes to designing trade show exhibits, custom exhibit displays can help a lot. Good marketing involves a creatively designed display. Good design trade show exhibits channel the essence of the brand and engage with those who are looking at them. Getting to that point can be tricky, so we’ve put together the top creative musts you need for a booth that’s going to garner attention and further your brand.

Use our tips to help get the best trade show exhibit you can have to grab attention and get significant results at your next marketing event. Don’t let the competition outshine you; get eyes on your business and promote your brand the way it needs to be promoted! Get it out there with no fear. What should you incorporate into your final design? We’ve figured it out for you. Take these aspects into account, and you can’t go wrong.

1. The Brand

You’ve got to represent your brand, so making sure that the corporate image and brand is present in your exhibit is key. You want people to walk up and instantly know what your brand is about and what you sell. Brand identity is important and will help you draw an audience where you can get going right off the bat.

2. Strategy

Another smart thing to do is outline your strategy before you get into things. If you start by outlining the live marketing functions you’re going to be attending and the space you’ll be allotted for a booth at each, you can be able to figure out your set up so that it’s the best layout for you. Whether it’s an interactive exhibit, showing off a microsite, or giving away free things, figure out a strategy beforehand and make it happen. Flying by the seat of your pants never works when it comes to these events, but planning ahead will be your best friend.

3. Online Microsites

One new feature that has come into play recently is the advent of the microsite. Microsites are sites online that are largely temporary. They are most commonly seen for movies, where they put out a specific site that promotes the movie. This is much the same, only for your brand and created for live marketing events. They can be pulled up and interactive and also create buzz for the event before you even present. Get your audience excited for your booth and display the site at your booth for decent buzz.

4. Impressive Graphics

Graphics are always a big part of exhibits, so be sure to design the layout of your graphics and images ahead of time. Use product graphics that will display your lines and services so that the crowd knows what you offer right off the bat. Figure out the size and style, and you’re good to go make it happen.

5. Videos and Animation

Videos and animation are fun and engaging ways to make your booth a little more entertaining. Whether it’s streaming a video or clips to a flat screen television or incorporating videos into your exhibit, videos and animation will not only educate visitors but attract them as well.

6. Social Media 

Use social media information and integrate it into flyers, giveaways, and more. It not only will provide an extra outlet for consumers to find out about you, it will give them a way to connect with your brand in the future and find out more.

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